Goorin Brothers Timeless Classic Headwear

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Goorin Brothers headwearEarly Beginnings

Cassel Goorin established Goorin Brothers headwear in 1895 on the cobblestone streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He sold his first hat on a horse cart. The brand is a small, family run business that offers classic, timeless headwear. Now on its fourth generation of leadership, Goorin Brothers headwear still carries on the tradition of offering authentic, masterful craftsmanship in headwear. The brand continues to thrive and get on with the times through a team of creative individuals who have the same passion for artistry and on-hand approach to this century old headwear company.


Ben Goorin, Cassel’s great grandson, is at the helm of Goorin Brothers headwear. With an eye to the future while remaining true to the brand’s authenticity, heritage and craftsmanship, Ben Goorin continues to develop creative, classic headwear for the modern men and women. He draws inspiration from classic hats but adds a contemporary flair and personality.


Goorin Brothers headwear allows you to make a statement without saying a word. With a flair for drama and classic shapes and style, Goorin Brothers headwear is truly an American original. The brand offers various headwear pieces including leather hats, newsboy hats, fedoras, flatcaps, earflaps, ball caps, straw hats, floppy hats, Gatsbies, as well as gloves, accessories, etc.

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