Golden Denim

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Brand History

Golden Denim is a California denim wear brand launched as part of the Golden Lifestyle brand in 2009. The brand specializes in high end denim wear and aims to become the golden standard for denim in California and the world. Golden Denim is deeply committed in delivering authenticity, quality and style in every pair of denim jeans they create. The brand’s motto, “Talk is Cheap, Silence is Golden” represents the brand’s dedication in delivering products that are always a step above what’s on the market.

All Golden Denim jeans are proudly made in Los Angeles and no part of the process is outsourced, a measure to maintain absolute control over the quality of each product. Golden Denim jeans are sold in selected stores including online at

The Gold Standard In Denim

Featuring innovative cuts, classic shapes, modern fit and iconic details, Golden Denim jeans is luxury denim at its finest, all at reasonable prices. When you want designer jeans that do not cost an arm and a leg, you’re hard pressed to find a pair of jeans with the same amazing quality and style that Golden Denim has to offer. Jeans are basically a part of most of our wardrobe. It’s one of the most basic articles of clothing that looks great however you wear it and looks on trend whatever the season. With Golden Denim, the brand aims to delivering garments that could make anyone look put together effortlessly. So you can look good without over thinking, fashion is supposed to be fun after all!

Golden Denim 2013 Fall Collection

Golden Denim is revving up for its holiday fall 2013 collection by unveiling the first of its would-be line, the Selvedge denim jeans for men. The jeans, which come in classic Indigo, is made to order and crafted from 100% raw Japanese Selvedge denim with embellishments like custom buttons, gun metal rivets and black leather patch. The slim cut classic Indigo Selvedge denim jeans are available through Golden Denim’s official website.

Golden Denim at

For all denim lovers, listen up! just dished out the latest from Golden Denim’s seasonal release. For jeans that fit so well it’s golden, it has to be Golden Denim! Shop for denim jeans by Golden Denim at today and get them at very affordable prices. For more discounts use Karmaloop Rep Codes!

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