Gold Saturn Clothing Quirky Meets Chic

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ClothingEarly Beginnings

Established in 2008 by designer David Jon Acosta, Gold Saturn embodies the free-spirited yet edgy, effortless chic that the founder brings out in every women through his collection. David Jon loves 70’s designs and its reflection is obvious from Gold Saturn clothing.

Growing up in Miami has a great impact on David Jon’s design, from his youth rebellion, vintage outings as a teen to Key West excursions as an adult, David Jon incorporated these experiences and executed them perfectly in his clothing line. A true fashion prodigy at 25, David Jon made Gold Saturn clothing one of the hottest, most sought-after clothing brand within the contemporary apparel industry.


“Gold Saturn clothing is for the person in the room that you want to get to know better” David Jon Acosta quoted from Gold Saturn website

Gold Saturn clothing is known for its fun, quirky designs. The brand transformed into the ultimate go-to store for anything unique, almost whimsical designer clothing that it has attracted some of the most popular artists and celebrities in Hollywood. Despite the attention, Acosta still refrains from creating Red Carpet gowns. Gold Saturn clothing offers effortlessly chic style and its line usually comprises of women’s apparel in soft cotton, flattering color combinations and psychedelic imagery, which is reflected from its headwear collection as well.

Currently, the Gold Saturn clothing was making waves on various fashion spreads, including Teen Vogue, Nylon Magazine, Paper, etc. The brand is considered by It girls and fashionistas as one of the hottest clothing brand today.

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