General Assembly: Day-to-Night Men’s Apparel

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The General Assembly clothing line is known for its versatility – garment pieces that men can wear from work to play and back. Instead of making grungy, loud tees and baggy, low-rise jeans, General Assembly is offering a menswear collection that you can knock around on the pavement and button back up on your way to work.

Brand history

In four short years, General Assembly has changed the way skaters and hip hop aficionados dress on the streets.

The Brooklyn-based design duo of Alex Keith and Adam Travis started General Assembly in 2009 with one navy cotton twill blazer designed to be versatile enough that it could be worn from work to play and back to work. The blazer had off-white buttons, featured a slim but not skinny fit, and the cut dropped about half way down the pants pocket.

Keith and Travis established simple parameters for the General Assembly line: a refined fit, solid structure, and a good price, with style cues coming from the skate-prep culture they grew up with.

In March 2010, Travis and Keith introduced their first jacket which sold out in just four months.

General Assembly went on to create a cool collection of oxfords, blazers, overcoats, tweed pants, and trousers. Inspired by hip-hop, skateboarding, and fashion, General Assembly offers interchangeable shirts, pants, and outerwear with modern fits, casual but crisp styles, and classic details.

General Assembly pieces are extremely versatile – you can wear them to a Friday night party, on a typical Monday morning, or a weekend bike ride or round of skateboarding.

General Assembly at

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