Freshjive Clothing Progressive Style that Reflects Your Lifestyle

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Freshjive Brand History

Founded in 1989 by Rick Klotz, Freshjive clothing was initially created as a channel for Klotz’s personal style but instead, the brand has transformed into a pioneer in street culture. Freshjive clothing came up with apparel innovations by not being afraid to experiment with progressive style, dabbling with the unknown and creating a clothing line that is truly different from all others.

Years after the brand was founded, dissolution with the façade of street style and mainstream fashion trends led Freshjive clothing to create statement apparel that mirrors current political and pop culture. This was the start of the revolution against branded culture. 21 years in the game, Freshjive clothing dropped their original logo entirely from their line and marketed itself to a more stylistic direction and not focus on branding.


The brand is a runaway success simply because of its strong sense of individuality. Never afraid to try something different, Freshjive clothing exhausted the possibilities and applied it to their line season after season. As a result, Freshjive clothing has dominated their style niche for years! Today, the brand remains as one of the most in-demand streetwear brand in the country with millions of fans nationwide and internationally.

With decades of experience, Freshjive clothing offers an eclectic mix of streetwear style that appeals to the younger crowd. Rick Klotz is hailed by retail insiders as the King of Streetwear.

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