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Frends Brand History

Frends headphones was founded by a group of pro snowboarders who wanted to get more out of their headphones and earphones. Inspired by the founders’ passion for sports, arts, music and sports, they were able to create a line of headphones that provide the best listening experience without scrimping on style and comfort. With Frends headphones, you listen to your favorite tunes in style!


Frends headphones serve as a reflection for the founders’ love for life. The Frends crew drew inspiration from the highs and lows of everyday living, pop culture, iconic artists and style that never fade. The result is a series of headphones that are perform great and make the wearers look good.


Apart from looking good, Frends headphones are also fitted with custom in-line mic, fabric cords, connector plugs and excellent music quality. The brand offers three types of headphones that’s perfect for a specific type of individual.

Aptly named the Classic, this particular model features early American industrial design with a few goodies like multi-functional mic, custom strain, audio jack, etc. The Classic is compatible with most mobile phones and MP3 players. There’s also the Alli model that share the same distinct style as the Classic but is more durable yet lightweight. It’s best suited for people on the go or those who lead an active lifestyle.

The Coupe model is designed for music freaks that prefer ear-bud type phones. But don’t let the size fool you, the Coupe may be lightweight but it offers excellent music quality! Same goes with the Clip, similar to the Coupe, in terms of specs, but it has a reduced driver size of 9mm.

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