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Fourstar Brand History

Founded by Eric Konston and Guy Mariano in 1996, Fourstar clothing was created to offer a different kind of casual wear that dominated the 90’s fashion. Being professional skateboarders themselves, Konston and Mariano both have extensive knowledge when it comes to what skateboarders and active individuals, for that matter, want. Fourstar clothing offers awesome streetwear that’s comfy, stylish and pretty tough when it comes to extreme wear and tear.

Coming up with Fourstar clothing not only helped Konston and Mariano improve their relationship as skateboarding partners but also provided them with a great learning experience. Fourstar clothing has been in the business for 15 years but has continued to manufacture apparel with up to date designs, making Fourstar one of the most well known brands not only in the country but also overseas.


Fourstar clothing has remained innovative in creating ideas for their clothing line. Koston and Mariano were able to fuse both mainstream and radical styles in the production of their brand. Independent brands were given the chance to thrive once people overcame the need to buy branded clothing in the early 90’s. Fourstar clothing has caught the attention of people who want to celebrate their individuality.

Offering an array of choices from mesh jersey shirts to nylon pants made to endure extreme abuse, Fourstar clothing has remained one of the top streetwear brands for the past 15 years.

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