FLüD Timepieces Fun Form and Functionality

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

FLüD Early Beginnings

FLüD watches brings together everything you look for in a watch, versatility, great features, and all original designs. Founded in 2007 by a group of individuals with a passion for fashion, FLüD watches was created with style and functionality in mind. A great addition to any ensemble, FLüD watches mirrors the wearer’s individual style. Since its founding in 2007, the brand has come up with just about the most diverse watch designs and concepts.


The brand is popular for its all original designs that’s truly trendy, fresh and unique. Inspired by popular culture, music and the streetwear scene, FLüD watches mirrors the kind of lifestyle full of adventure and fun. No pricey tags, no pretensions, FLüD watches offer one-of-a-kind timepieces that appeals to both the younger and older crowd.


FLüD’s creative team has always been open about working with other designers and talented individuals to keep the brand’s designs at its freshest. There have been numerous collaborations, including the drum-inspired BPM watch that doubles as a calculator.

There’s collaborations with Dr. Pepper and Complex Magazine to create the Dr. Pepper Cherry Moment. However, one of the most notable FLüD collabs is the the The Rocksmith X FLuD Table Turns timepiece that features automatic movement and distressed premium grade leather band. These collaborations are proof that FLüD is never afraid to reinvent itself.

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