Femme Freak

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Brand History

Established in 2012 by up and coming designer, Wendy B., Femme Freak clothing is a trendy new label that specializes in garments with a bit of rebellious streak. Think edgy cuts and badass embellishments to match. Femme Freak clothing is barely three years old and yet somehow, the brand is shaking things up and getting a lot of raves simply because Wendy dared to be different.

Incorporating her love for 90s hip-hop, club scene and the modern colorways and prints, Femme Freak clothing is decidedly sassy yet trendy, a brand made for fashion chameleons who love to push the envelope of style! Femme Freak clothing is the mother brand of Wendys’s two other fashion labels, Nail Phunk and Lobe Riders. Femme Freak clothing is available in selected stores nationwide and online, you can shop for Femme Freak clothing at karmaloop.com.

Reprising the 90s Club Scene

What do you remember most about the 90s? In Wendy’s case, it’s the outrageous hip-hop and the club scene. The 90s were such a crazy era for Wendy that she decided to bring a bit of 90s funk right back to Femme Freak clothing. Combining feminine details with a bit of street aesthetics, Femme Freak clothing puts emphasis on the little details, fabulous accents that makes every garment a striking piece of art. Wendy’s carefully designed garments takes fans back to simpler times, an era best remembered for its emerging alternative lifestyle, great music and where the hip-hop scene ruled the nights. Femme Freak clothing specializes in chain beanies, regular beanies bedazzled with cool chains on the front

Femme Freak at karmaloop.com

Spice up your usual ensemble with decidedly edgy garbs and accessories by Femme Freak! Femme Freak’s bestselling tops and accessories are now available online at, where else? Karmaloop.com! From their preppy henleys to their statement making beanies and necklaces, get the latest from Femme Freak today and get amazing deals as you shop! Don’t forget to key in our best karmaloop promo codes before you check out to take advantage of instant discount off your purchase!

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