Felony Case

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Brand History

Felony Case is a Canadian mobile phone accessories company established by acclaimed designer, Andrew Moore. Andrew wasn’t a born designer. In fact, he started out as an internet marketer but switched career later on. His love for runway fashion shows, haute couture and on trend concepts led to expressing his designs through mobile phone cases. He developed a series of designs for everyday gadgets we all can’t live without.

Inspired by haute couture designs and avant garde concepts, Andrew’s distinct designs takes after influential designers from the fashion industry, like Christian Louboutin, Sam Edelman and Jeffrey Campbell. His non-conventional approach in designing led to a range of high fashion mobile phone cases that suit a wide range of styles. He named his brand, Felony Case. Today, Felony Case is one of the most popular mobile phone case companies and is available internationally via online retailers like Karmaloop.com.

High Fashion Mobile Phone Cases

Felony Case isn’t just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill mobile phone case company. The brand specializes in high fashion mobile phone cases! From studded candy shell phone cases to LEGO spike cases, Felony Case makes dressing your beloved gadget even more fun! Felony Case offers a wide selection of mobile phone cases that reflects your own unique style and love for haute couture!

Felony Cases at Karmaloop.com

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