Exact Science Dreamy Urban Art For your Closet

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Exact SciencesEarly Beginnings

Founded in 1999, Exact Science clothing has been featuring cultural relevant artworks and promoting intellectual capital through urban art. Modern art as well as the cultural creators in our modern society inspired exact Science clothing line. The result is visually stunning arts printed on shirts and chronicling of the permanent transformation of the urban landscape.


Post-modern cultural arts movement inspires the brand’s visual appeal. Exact Science clothing draw inspiration from the practices and philosophies of urban art and fine arts. By promoting contemporary urban art, Exact Science clothing turned into a window for the chancing urban landscape, revolutionizing art in the streets, studio, warehouses and club circuits. Combining urban art, Exact Science clothing also takes inspiration from anything that fashion, music, dance and cultural diversities have to offer.


Exact Science clothing is drawn from a certain aspect of urban culture. Digging deeper into the subconscious of the cultural consider, Exact Science clothing also contributes to the environments and reaches beyond the limit of what’s trendy. Exact Science clothing makes the consumer a part of creating modern urban culture through features in its clothing line. It’s the very definition of wearable art.

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