Eskuche Headphones Ultra Cool Headphones

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Eskuche Advanced Headphones

The word “Eskuche” is the Spanish word for listen. This is the principle behind the brand, bringing technology and style together to offer a collection of headphones compatible with most MP3 players and mobile phones. Out of the box, each pair of Eskuche headphones includes a second cord used to hook up mobile phones, and a line-in.

What makes Eskuche headphones stand out from hundreds of headphone companies across the globe? Simply put, Eskuche headphones bring you the best of both worlds, high quality audio and retro cool designs. Eskuche headphones may not be a household name at this point but unlike similar brands, Eskuche headphones live up to its promise.

Bring Retro Cool Back

Eskuche headphones are known for their classic, retro cool designs. These one-of-a-kind headphones are so cool, they work as accessories as well! Who says you can’t enjoy music in all its high fidelity glory and still look stylish? With Eskuche headphones, it’s possible!

Quality Headphones

Eskuche headphones are known for their products that are consistently sturdy. With proper care, your Eskuche headphones can last you years. The brand also offers two replaceable cords in each box of Eskuche headphones, one for the headphones and one with a microphone function button to use for your iPhone.

Eskuche headphones at

Enjoy your tunes in style and head to today to get Eskuche headphones today! Choose from a wide variety of styles including their best seller, the Control-i GLD Headphone in Gold or The 33iS Headphone in Silver! Don’t miss out and shop at Karmaloop today with Karmaloop Discount!

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