Edge of Urge Brilliant Accessories For Women

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Edge of Urge Brand History

Founded in July 4, 2002, Edge of Urge accessories brings the perfect accents to any outfit. The brand founder Jessie Williams, created her first collection by hand. Today, the brand has expanded to clothing and has been featuring independent designers across the country.

Do-It-Yourself Accessories

Williams believe that handmade accessories are better than machine-made ones, which is why Edge of Urge Accessories Company is committed in supporting DIY accessories, encouraging creative thinking. The brand has been featuring the works of some of the most talented designers and mainstream clothing and accessory designers as well. The result is a diverse collection of clothing, footwear and accessories that can’t be found anywhere else.


Edge of Urge accessories features colorful, often whimsical accessories made with unusual combinations of materials including colorful leather strips, multi-colored feathers, sequins, spikes, studs, and beads. Edge of Urge accessories has been featured in multiple fashion magazine, including Seventeen magazine. The brand also loves to work with the best designers in the country, including shoe giant, Jeffrey Campbell. From loud, eye-catching accessories to subtle, classy pieces, Edge of Urge accessories certainly has everything you need to complete your look!

Edge of Urge accessories at Karmaloop.com

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