DVS Shoes Hardwearing Skateboarding Shoes

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DVSBrand History

DVS is a footwear brand known for its hardwearing shoes that can withstand extreme wear and tear. DVS shoes was founded by Kevin Dunlap and Tim Gavin in 1995. DVS stands for “Devious”, which essentially describes the aim of the company, to offer something different than your average skateboarder footwear.

Podium Distribution owns this California-based footwear company. The brand started out with its specialty, skateboarding shoes, but later expanded their line with women’s, toddlers and kids footwear. By 2007, DVS shoes came up with a brand called “Luxe”. Luxe specializes in high-fashion footwear made with premium materials. These line only manufacture shoes in limited quality to preserve its exclusivity.


Trendy enough for everyday wear but durable enough to withstand even the toughest terrain, DVS shoes effectively fuses together style and function. Apart from its classic skateboarder shoes, DVS shoes also offers footwear in various styles including slippers and sandals. DVS also has an apparel line! The people behind the brand are committed in supporting the skateboarding community by sponsoring skateboarders as well as snowboarders and surfers.

DVS Innovation

DVS shoes offers more than just stylish skateboarding shoes. The brand is continuously working with the finest innovators to come up with patented features including the Bruise Control cushioning systems, ECOTRUE recyclable materials, and CGT grip control.

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