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by Karmaloop Rep Codes

DTA Brand History

DTA, which stands for Don’t Trust Anyone, is a popular urban wear brand under the Rogue Status label that was founded in the time when only a few indie fashion labels were able to make a name for themselves. DTA clothing filled the void for innovative and creative streetwear brand during this era, drawing inspiration from popular culture as well as music and the arts. Currently, both Rogue Status and DTA clothing are some of the leading indie streetwear brand in the country.


Inspired by music and the arts, DTA clothing was spearheaded by professional skater and reality star, Rob Dyrdek and drummer Travis Barker. Dyrdek is a celebrated skater with a huge following in the urban scene. He is also working on other projects like collaborating with other streetwear brands.

On the other hand, Travis Barker is the drummer of pop punk bank Blink182. He is a multi-talented musician involved in order musical projects with other bands like The Transplants and Box Car Racer. Apart from his passion for making music, he is also passionate about his love for creating cool apparel. He worked with the biggest names in the streetwear industry including DTA clothing, Famous Stars and Stripes and Rogue Status.

Barker and Dyrdek collaborative efforts with DTA clothing designers resulted in distinct, one of a kind line of clothing. Currently, DTA clothing has expanded to backpacks and accessories.

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