Dittos: Bringing Sexy Back to Denim

by Karmaloop Rep Code

Remember those sexy ’70s jeans? Dittos is bringing them back in an awesome range of denimwear for women. From hip-hugging flares to high-rise jeans, Dittos has got them all in every color imaginable.

During the fashion era of bell bottoms, one brand stood out – Dittos. One of the first brands to design clothing specifically for women’s bodies, Dittos jeans came in a rainbow of colors and sported a signature U-turn saddle stitch down the backside. The tight fit, flared leg, and flattering rear inspired a cult following that lasted for two decades.

Flares made an ungraceful exit in the 90s, and Dittos jeans became rare pieces found only in vintage shops and on eBay. But Thanks to Daniella Clarke of Frankie B, Dittos is now making a comeback and they’re better than ever.

Clarke loved Dittos since she was a teenager. She would always cut and re-sew her own jeans to achieve the classic Dittos look. Whenever Daniella went on tour with her rock star husband, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, people would notice her Dittos-styled jeans.

Realizing her potential as a fashion designer, she launched Frankie B in 1998. Frankie B’s second-skin low riders took the fashion world by storm and became a huge favorite of celebrities, including Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Mischa Barton, Eva Longoria, and Fergie. In 2004, Clarke and Frankie B were awarded the MAFI Fashion Innovator of the Year Award for contributions to the fashion industry.

In 2007, Clarke revived the original Dittos and it became one of the hottest brands of 2008, with legions of denim aficionados scooping up those legendary curve-hugging, high-waist flares.

Perfect with retro platforms, cork wedges, or peep-toed pumps, Dittos jeans make a woman look long, lean and very leggy. It can be a struggle to get into tight jeans, but once the Dittos are on, they fit like a glove.

Clarke’s first Dittos collection debuted with 80 styles for spring and summer and instantly became a favorite among fashion’s elite – bringing the sexy ’70s back to women’s fashion.

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