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Brand History

DISSIZIT! is a Los Angeles streetwear brand established in 2009 by iconic graffiti artist, Slick and his parner, Danny Boy O’Connor of the House Of Pain fame. Slick started out in the streetwear business with the introduction of Funct clothing, a punk rock-inspired streetwear brand as well as Shaolin Worldwide, a contemporary clothing brand with Asian flavor. What makes DISSIZIT! different from his  other streetwear brands is that graffiti art, which is where Slick’s passion lies, takes center stage. 

With DISSIZIT!, Slick comes full circle, delivering quality apparel with his winning artworks. Another thing that makes DISSIZIT! different from other streetwear brands is that the garments are manufactured in limited quantity. So it’s no surprise that each DISSIZIT! collection is always highly anticipated and basically solds out within a few days. DISSIZIT! is available in selected stores nationwide as well as through popular retail brands like Karmaloop.com.

A Melting Pot Of Inspirations

DISSIZIT! apparel is a result of several influences rooted in skate, punk and street art. As a ground-breaking artist, Slick aims to redefine fashion with using his art as well LA’s distinct street style. He chose the name “DISSIZIT!” after Iz The Wiz enthusiastic cries “This is it! This is it! This is it!”  in his Style Wars documentary. DISSIZIT! boasts an extensive collection of streetwear ranging from hoodies, sweatshirts, denimwear, trousers, graphic shirts, tank tops, raglan shirts, headwear and so much more.

DISSIZIT! 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

For summer, DISSIZIT! drops down an extensive selection of graphic tees for men! All new designs, same awesome fit, that’s what you can expect from this collection! The brand delivers not one but two collections for spring and summer. Both offers a wealth of sweatshirts, graphic tees, headwear and tank tops in black, white and red flavors. All garments are emblazoned with Slick’s awesome graffiti art

DISSIZIT! streetwear at Karmaloop.com

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