DimePiece Clothing Celebrating Female Empowerment Through Awesome Clothing

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

DimePiece Brand History

Founded in the spring of 2007 by co-founded and designers Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, DimePiece clothing is more than just your average clothing store, it’s a celebration of women, the powerful beings that they are. Feisty yet classy, DimePiece clothing offers women’s apparel with attitude.


This LA-based clothing brand features sassy clothing for women. The brand’s name itself, DimePiece, is chosen to be intentionally ironic and rule-breaking. Why fit the mold when you can speak your mind and stand out from others?

Inspired by sexy, edgy women’s wear, DimePiece clothing is made for confident women who are always on top of any situation. It’s the clothing brand that’s made for women who are not afraid to express their opinions and takes no crap from anyone. DimePiece clothing is created to make a fashion statement and break the barriers of traditional women’s clothing with no restrictions.


Season after season, DimePiece clothing features contemporary art-themed graphic shirts with sassy one-liners. DimePiece clothing offers anything fromsweatshirts to leggings, hoodies to tank tops. DimePiece clothing is currently on its 10th season and has made a fan out of A-list celebrities like Chloe Sevigny, Estelle, Cassie, and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

DimePiece Clothing at Karmaloop.com

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