Diamond Supply Co Streetwear Redefined

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Diamond Supply Co. streetwearBrand History

Skateboarding expert and designer Nick Tershay AKA Nick Diamond founded Diamond Supply Co. streetwear in 1998 in California. Tershay initially sold skateboarding gears at the back door of Fourstar and in 2005, he scored a collaboration effort with Nike where his Nike SB turned into one of the highest selling SB’s of that year. Aptly named Diamond dunk SB, it created such a massive impact on the sneakers community that it changed how people perceive sneakers. The popularity of the Diamond  dunks also helped put Diamond Supply Co. streetwear on the map.

Streetwear Redefnined

Diamond Supply Co. streetwear’s philosophy is to created limited clothing quantity so that each piece is almost as rare as a diamond. This is why the brand’s founder chose Diamond Supply Co. as its name instead of just any other brand that chug out gazillions of shirts each year. You are sure that your shirt will definitely set you apart from others.

Skateboarding Elite

Diamond Supply Co. streetwear is not your average apparel brand either, it’s practically pro skateboarders’ uniforms! The brand won the hearts out of the best in the industry including Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy, Bob Burnquist, Kareem Campbell, etc. as well as superstar rappers such as lil Wayne, Tony Yayo and Lupe Fiasco.

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