DC Shoes Capturing The Essence of The American Spirit

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

ShoesBrand History

The DC shoe company is an American footwear brand manufacturing sports shoes including extreme sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. The brand also manufactures outerwear including jackets, heats, shirts, jeans, etc. This California-based shoe company started out as a special shoe like for skateboarders. Founded by Ken Block and Damon Way, DC shoes redefined skateboarding shoes, Elevating its performance to the highest level. Way and Block worked with Way’s pro skateboarder brother and created the first DC shoes.

DC stands for Droors Clothing but the now-defunct Droors Clothing no longer have any ties with DC and the founders decided to simply name their line, DC shoes. The brand’s first shoe style hit the market in the early 90’s became so successful that it was quickly followed up the release of the Colin McKay model in the mid-90’s.

DC Shoes for Quicksilver

The DC shoes brand was later acquired by surfing apparel giant, Quicksilver for a whopping $8 million bucks on March 8, 2010. DC shoes later moved to Quicksilver’s headquarters in Huntington Beach soon after it was sold.

Footwear Innovation

Dyrdek and Block also developed a technology, which increases the durability of their shoes and minimizes stresses of wear and tear while skateboarding. Another innovation is the nylon lace loops that protects laces in contact areas, these are just some of the many patented technology DC shoes have to offer apart from their Drop-In Cushion SystemTM, , DC’s trademarked Pill Pattern sole, DGTTM Dynamic Grip Technology and Super SuedeTM.

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