Crooks & Castle

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Brand History

Crooks & Castle is a Los Angeles clothing brand established by Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio in 2002. The brand specializes in quality streetwear with dark, menacing themes. Crooks & Castle serve as a reminder of all the noble and evil men of the past and introducing them as iconic personalities in streetwear scene. The name of the brand itself is derived from the appreciation for both crooks (those who are deemed by society as villainous) and castles, which is the payoff for becoming a crook. With a radical theme and a darker, edgier take on streetwear, Crooks & Castle has established a cut following in its native LA and beyond. Crooks & Castle streetwear is available in selected stores including online at!

Exposing The Underbelly Of Street Fashion

With a menacing theme of wicked men of the past, noble kings and the massive wealth that comes in between these great men, Crooks & Castle is all about exposing the underbelly of street fashion. Crooks & Castle is known for its highly poignant graphics, depicting a radically different perspective on life. Featuring art-driven designs and a somber colorways, every Crooks & Castle collection is a critical hit among streetwear enthusiasts.

Crooks & Castle 2013 Fall Collection

This season, Crooks and Castles drops down a selection of luxury transitional pieces for its 2013 “Thuxury” collection for fall. The Thuxury collection combines the luxury of high life and the gritty streetwear with downtown vibe. Among the highlights of the collection includes shirts, tank tops, cardigans and jackets with bold all over prints and Crooks and Castles’ logo patches as well as sneakers, and headwear embellished with royal regalia distinctive of that of Crooks and Castles. The headwear line, in particular, introduces all new materials like microcanvas, ripstop nylon, corduroy and cotton twill fabrics to its jackets, zip up hoodies, crewneck shirts and bags.

Crooks & Castle clothing at

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