Creep Street Clothing Bringing the 80s Back

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Creep Street Brand History

Are you a true blue 80’s baby or you just love everything from the era? The 80’s is best remembered for the awesome Michael Jackson music as well as the popular cartoons like Kidrobot, etc. Creep Street clothing brings everything that made the 80’s one of the most loved eras. Established in 2006 by Boris Chang Jr. and his partner, Chip, Creep Street clothing delves into the crazy to the creepy, going for lewd humor, gore, bizarre designs and bad infomercial a true 80’s baby know and love!


Creep Street clothing brings back the glory days of big hair, neon fashion, and awesome toons. Relive the 80’s with Billy Jean-inspired tees, apparel featuring well-loved characters including Kidrobot, Ultraman, zombies, and some of the most popular trends that made the 80’s a colorful period.

Creep Street clothing claims to feature some of the “the illest of the ill, the creepiest of the creepy, the most street of the street” designs. So let the walk down memory lane start and check out the horror, the gore and the bizarre with Creep Street clothing.

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