Copy Clothing Garments Inspired By Culture of Art and Designs

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

CopyBrand History

Founded by designer Murphy Martines in 2006, Copy clothing features a kind of style and comfortable fit found rarely in any other brand. Copy clothing understands that excellent clothing starts with blending the right fabrics to create perfect fit and unique style. Copy clothing is popular for mixing different silhouettes and redefining traditional menswear.

The brand’s head designer and founder, Marines, shares his years of experience in garment designing and draws inspiration from anything to the streets to extreme sports. The result is a diverse collection that includes accessories, and redefined men’s apparel. The brand was a result of collaboration between owners of the popular footwear and Skate Brand C1RCA and developed Copy clothing.


Featuring progressive style yet wearable pieces, Copy clothing is known for its creative, highly unconventional menswear. The brand, which was inspired by design fashion, the culture of arts and music, offers a non-traditional approach to apparel making. The result is a kind of clothing made with high quality materials, showcases exceptional fit and great attention to details.

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