Contego Eyewear High Quality Eyewear For Men and Women

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

ContegoBrand History

Contego eyewear is a Brooklyn-based eyewear brand created by Aaron Hansen and Mikol Stambaugh. Providing handcrafted, high quality eyewear, Contego eyewear specializes in innovative yet stylish sunglasses for men and women. Contego eyewear pushes the envelope to eyewear innovation while remaining a trendsetter.


Inspired by the frenetic Brooklyn streets, Contego eyewear offers streetwise fashion, perfect fit and laidback sophistication. The brand is not afraid to mix it up a bit to create truly fascinating collection that features unconventional designs, color combinations and playful mixes of matte frame finishes or gray swirls.

Style and Substance

Don’t think Contego eyewear stops at being stylish because each pair of sunglasses provide maximum protection. Don’t be afraid to step into the light because Contego eyewear are made with handcrafted acetate frames in CR39 and Polarized lenses. All lenses used in Contego eyewear are highly resistant to abrasions, made with high performing stainless steel hardware and meet all standards for UV protection. All Contego eyewear have met all inspections and come with it a manufacturer’s warranty.

Social Awareness

Apart from trendy designs and excellent protection, Contego eyewear also engages in conscientious programs to reach out to the less fortunate. In fact, Contego eyewear recently formed a partnership with RestoringVision.Org. For every eyewear sold, Contego will donate prescription glasses to someone less fortunate.

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