Co Lab by Christopher Kon Bags That Enhance Your Outfit and Figure

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Co-Lab bags are not meant to draw attention to themselves but rather to the overall look of the woman who carries them. The hottest thing to hit the bag scene in ages, Co-Lab by Christopher Kon accentuates a woman’s beauty so it becomes an integral part of her anywhere she goes.

Inspired by life

Christopher Kon discovered his passion for fine arts at the age of six. His fascination for designing bags has become second nature to him that he decided to drop out of art school at the age of 18 and set out to launch his own business.

Kon’s inspiration is drawn from many aspects that shape his life, such as his love for surfing, traveling, painting, and music. These elements are evident in the creative patterns, colors and shapes of his designs.

In creating his Co-Lab line, Kon simply needed to watch how people carried their bags. He builds his imagination of lines and structure of handbags around that to design a unique collection of practical and fashionable women’s accessories.

What makes Co-Lab bags so special is the balance between clean and timeless shapes and the edginess that make them stand out. Using his European background, Kon utilizes only the finest hand-selected Italian and Spanish leather skins to create luxurious bags that will always remain current and age beautifully.

Co-Lab bags are designed to fit to your shape and not make a statement all on their own. One of its signature trademarks is the short shoulder strap that keeps the bag sitting right on the curve of your waist instead of swinging around wildly as you move.

Co-Lab by Christopher Kon bags and accessories are available at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, as well as many of the trendiest boutiques in the US and Canada.

Co-Lab at

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