Civil Clothing Celebrating Individuality

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Clothing Brand History

Los Angeles-based designer, Brian Leung, established civil clothing in 2009. Leung wanted a clothing brand that exemplifies the pulse of our civil society. During an interview, Leung defined Civil clothing as a symbol of multi-cultural diversity. The brand celebrates the difference of individualities and acknowledges the value of cultural multiplicities. Civil clothing’s motto “Celebrate The Difference” is a way of Leung’s vision to reflect everyone’s uniqueness and character.


True to its goal, Civil clothing do celebrate each individual’s unique background, transcending ethnicities, political views, religious beliefs and everything else that makes us the person that we are, everything that makes us different. Distinctively different, Civil clothing features the kind of individualistic fashion that stands from all others, embodying the kind of lifestyle we choose.

The brand’s designer drew inspiration from his native Los Angeles as well as the arts, the streets, the music and LA’s upbeat lifestyle. All these inspirations came together to create a unique blend of influences that makes Civil clothing inimitable style. Ever evolving without swaying from its true spirit, Civil clothing features modern clothing that truly represent your lifestyle, your choices and the current times.

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