ChrisHabaha Accessories Urban Chic at its Finest

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

ChrisHabahaBrand History

CHRISHABANA accessories was founded by NY-based designer Christopher. CHRISHABANA accessories is known for its loud, eye-catching designs. Chris established his self-titled jewelry line in hopes to dominate the accessories industry. He studied at Dropout and immediately set the ball rolling for producing accessories in the US. Chris jets between his native Philippines and New York.


Essentially, CHRISHABANA accessories are inspired by a state of emotion. Playful yet subversive, the brand’s 2010 collection featured heart inspired pieces. It depicted a person’s willingness to brave the thorn to find the rose, a pear amongst stones. CHRISHABANA accessories also dabbles in dark, gothic-inspired accessories like the thorn-entangled cuffs and rings, oversized charm necklaces, skulls or organic shapes, signature chains, crosses and spiked vines.

The brand also pays homage to the angsty youth of the 80’s and 90’s with its unisex collection. This particular collection is made special because it features all the stuff everyone loves about the 80’s and 90’s like new wave music as well as then-popular bands like Depeche Mode, Yaz and Erasure.

CHRISHABANA accessories at

Accessories take center stage at! CHRISHABANA accessories is now a part of Karmaloop’s roster of jewelry and accessories labels. CHRISHABANA accessories collection available includes skull rings, amulet necklaces, thorn ear cuffs, sickle earrings, cross cuffs and more! So don’t miss out this awesome offering and start shopping online at today with Karmaloop Coupon!

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