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Brand History

Classic Barber Threads or CBT is a Boston-based clothing brand established in 2012 by Richard Silvestro who is also the president of the CBT crew. Richard, who poured his heart and soul into developing and manufacturing vintage-inspired garbs, considers clothing construction as a form of art, a method that allows us to showcase what we live for by the clothes we wear. While CBT is still in its infancy, it has created quite a buzz in the streetwear industry for its quality, style and highly unusual inspirations. CBT clothing is available in selected stores including online at Karmaloop.com. 

A Style That Represent Your Creativity

CBT specializes in retro inspired shirts, shirts that go beyond looking good, presenting who we are, what we live for. CBT takes inspiration from stylists and barbers. Richard has always been drawn to barbering because he appreciates the old school practice and the rich history behind the humble profession. Featuring vintage-inspired tees with classic barber and stylish flair, CBT shirts are geared towards industry professionals and anyone who love retro shirts. The brand also threw in a few contemporary designs to satisfy modern tastes. CBT offers a great selection of shirts for both men and women, undergarments, headwear and accessories.

CBT 2013 Fall Collection

This fall, CBT drops down key pieces from its new product line, headwear and intimate wear for both men and women. The brand’s newest collection includes quirky knitted mustache headbands, panties, tank tops, graphic shirts, CBT bags, henleys and dolman-sleeve tees.

CBT Shirts at Karmaloop.com

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