Caviar Cartel Luxe Russo American Style

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Caviar Cartel streetwearBrand History

Caviar Cartel streetwear was founded by acclaimed artist and SSUR t-shirt designer, Ruslin Karablin. The Caviar Cartel is considered as one of Karablin’s more extensive clothing line. This clothing brand is inspired by the caviar mob’s trafficking. Caviar Cartel pay homage to the luxurious lifestyle of the caviar culture.


Ruslin Karablin took cues from the concept of luxurious lifestyle through illicit means and showcased them on his clothing line. An acclaimed artist in New York, Karablin is a real veteran in the industry. Featuring his original work, the brand took off brilliantly.

Caviar Cartel streetwear’s reference to caviar is consistently featured in every garment through a 3D caviar-like beaded image and through a series of Caviar Cartel characters conceptualized by the artist. Caviar Cartel streetwear is a also inspired by rich Russo-American culture and style.

The Caviar Cartel Style

All the artworks featured on Caviar Cartel streetwear lent the dark, rebellious vibe of the brand. With numerous references to opulence, expect a lot of metallics, goold, red and black throughout Caviar Cartel streetwear’s latest collection. The brand specializes in form fitting jeans, premium footwear as well as clothing and headwear. Caviar Cartel streetwear caters to trendy individuals with a taste for luxe fashion and premium quality.

Caviar Cartel at

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