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Brand History

Calle is an up and coming urban lifestyle brand dedicated for men who love sportswear-based streetwear. Inspired by the beauty and creativity that springs from chaos, Calle did not follow a specific niche, rather, it created its own. The brand bases its designs on influences from world travels and street soccer. Calle, which means “street” in Spanish, captures the competitive spirit of street soccer in the farthest reaches of the world, delivering raw, unadulterated designs that are distinctively different. From being a small activewear brand, Calle grew into an internationally-recognized apparel brand. Calle apparel is available in selected stores nationwide as well as via online retailers like!

Beauty Beyond The Chaos

Calle aims to generate positivity from an otherwise negative world. The brand believes in finding amazing talents from even the unlikeliest of places. Calle wants to spread the love for the sports which allowed so many others to reach their goals and aspirations. Calle offers an exciting range of casual wear for men, including a premium collection of jackets, graphic tees, classic men’s trousers/shorts and hoodies. Despite becoming one of the most formidable forces in fashion, Calle remains true to its “street ball” roots.

Calle Streetwear

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