Caked Out Witty Graphic Shirts for Men

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Caked Out Brand History

Caked Out clothing was founded in Los Angeles and features a wide collection of casual wear for men. The label reached popularity for their hilarious graphics and witty one-liners on their clothing line. Inspired by hip-hop and skateboarding culture, the brand offer great quality apparel at affordable rates.


Caked Out clothing does not stick to a single style. The brand thrives on diversity and this proves to be its main selling point because it’s one of the few clothing brand that really appeals to men of all generation. From provocative graphics to classic Coca-Cola texts, you can expect some of the most hilarious quotes on Caked Out clothing. It doesn’t hurt that the brand is committed on providing high quality products at affordable costs.


Caked Out clothing is the product of numerous inspirations ranging from old skool hip-hop culture, skateboarding, music, and pop culture. Caked Out clothing also spreads imperceptible or hidden messages that tackle current events.

Caked Out at

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