Bro Style

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Brand History

Bro Style is an emerging socks and accessories brand created by Tum Yeto and Leo Romero in 2012. The brand is under the distribution house, Foundation Super Co., which brought to us great skate-related brands like Toy Machine, Dekline, Ruckus Trucks, Pig Wheels and more. Tum Yeto is regarded as one of the staunchest supporter of the skate community. From the day he was able to express his creativity and passion for skateboarding did he start developing products optimized for the sports. More than ever, Tum Yeto, together with Leo Romero, still rocks out new and improved products inspired by skate, and made to support the culture surrounding the sport they loved the most.  

A Classic Since Day One

Bro Style specializes in quality socks and accessories for men. Made by skate riders for skate riders, Bro Style has been a classic since day one. No hype, no cheap gimmicks, heck, no heavy marketing to boot. Bro Style is all about making you look good without destroying your beloved kicks! From classic solid colored socks to multicolored striped ones, Bro Style offers a fantastic range of quality socks to improve your play.

Bitchin’ Quality

Skate nerds tend to look for quality threads because skateboarding really do take its toll on clothing. They shred, they tear, and they get destroyed. That’s the price you pay for sweet moves on the ramps! Thankfully, Bro Style is here to cater to every skater’s whim and fancy. Need skate wax? How about awesome socks? Or perhaps other skate gears? From beanies to classic snapbacks, pocket tees and of course, their awesome sock collection, Bro Style got it all for you. And every product promises to not only enhance your performance, but also deliver quality you can depend on. So go ahead, show off your latest moves on and off the ramps, Bro Style got you covered!

Bro Style Socks at

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