Blood is The New Black Clothing Redefining The Underground Art Movement

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BITNB shirtsBrand History

BITNB shirts was founded by line curator and designer, Mitra Khayyam. BITNB stands for Blood is The New Black and feature shirts with unique, attention-grabbing graphics. Khayyam conceptualized the brand to serve as a channel between mainstream media and underground art at the same time, help boost the careers of featured artists.


Mitra Khayyam wants to offer garment that not only looks good, but in touch with the latest trends. Each BITNB shirt features original designs by up and coming artists, designers and photographers. The brand is also an avid supporter of the underground art movement and contributes through design collaborations. Expect pragmatic concepts and quirky shoutouts at BITNB shirts. A work f art yet totally wearable, BITNB shirts is all you need to be in style.


BITNB shirts owe its success and popularity from numerous influences and inspiration. The brand has explored various inspirations in the last 6 years including love, sex, God, nature, politics, social status, money and very recently, the extinction of the Dinosaurs. BITNB shirts are product of style and art combined, it also gives underrated artists the chance to express their art and their own point of view on various topics using graphics and shoutouts.

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