Bitching & Junkfood: Remade Vintage Pieces for Bitchy Girls

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Bitching & Junkfood specializes in remade and re-worked vintage pieces for women. From offbeat womenswear to avant-garde accessories, Bitching & Junkfood gives you that distinct look that no designer label can.

Brand history

Bitching & Junkfood was created by two self-proclaimed bitches — Kath from Australia and Marion from Ireland. When the two moved to London in order to pursue a career in fashion, they crossed paths while working in product development for a well-known French brand. Wanting to do things their way, the duo took the plunge in 2009 and launched their Bitching & Junkfood line.

With a love for vintage fashion and niche labels, the girls rely heavily on what they see on the streets, bars and back alleys surrounding their East London studio to drive trend direction and create diverse collections for the alternate bitchy girl.

Bitching & Junkfood offers a wide range of ready to wear clothing, including sheer tops, asymmetrical skirts, and velvet hoodies in playful fashion, rich textures, and figure flattering styles.

From its Hackney headquarters, the brand launched the Remade by Bitching & Junkfood niche label, now known for its hand-distressed shorts and skirts made from button fly 501 jeans.

When Bitching & Junkfood launched in the US as a part of Urban Outfitters, their accessories line became an instant hit.

Today, Bitching & Junkfood remains one of London’s finest vintage apparel brands offering exclusive pieces from their in-house collection as well as clothing from the hottest independent brands in the UK.

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