Bean Dip

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Brand History

Launched in 2006, Bean Dip is an up and coming clothing brand established by childhood friends, James Russell and Bill Smeltzer. Bean Dip had its beginnings at a windowless 10×15 feet room. James and Bill would spend all day print screening shirts and selling them off their waiting customers outside. Despite their incredible designs and the creative way they make the shirts, James and Bill got into the shirt-making business by accident. But looking back, the duo couldn’t be happier with the path they chose! Featuring unique, all original shirts with a strong DIY feel, Bean Dip adds a bit of art and quirkiness to every product. Bean Dip apparel is available in selected stores including online at

Celebrating The DIY Attitude

No other clothing brands stayed true to its DIY roots than Bean Dip clothing. All shirts by Bean Dip clothing are made lovingly by hand. Featuring 100% all original designs, butter soft combed cotton, innovative colorways and a soft hand feel on the fabric, Bean Dip clothing offers top quality shirts you’d love to wear again and again. James and Bill have searched far and wide for the best fabrics to base their shirts on.

Drawing inspiration from modern art and the underground skateboarding scene of the city, Bean Dip has everything from skate decks with offbeat graphics, graphic shirts, accessories, sneakers, bags as well as their new product, slipmats for DJ-ing.

Bean Dip Clothing 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

Bean Dip clothing introduces its newest array of shirts for the season under the “Birds of Summer” collection. The Birds of Summer collection, which is out now, is comprised of pocket shirts, and graphic shirts in the brand’s signature butter soft cotton fabric. The colorways are not your typical spring-themed collection as most of the pieces feature darker color combinations.

Bean Dip Clothing at

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