Artful Dodger Clothing Rebellious Unconventional Apparel

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Artful Dodger Brand History

Founded in 2005 by Scott Langton, Artful Dodger clothing is highly acclaimed for its combination of kickass designs, untraditional concepts and styles fit for people who refuse to be defined. Since its inception, the brand has earned the rep as one of the best urban clothing brands today.


The brand uses the term Artful Dodger to define the essence of the brand, which is fun, full of mischief, and getting away with it. Inspired by street style and grunge influences, the brand was able to create the type of clothing that caters to people who refuse to be defined. A clothing brand goes beyond what’s trendy. Unpredictable, schizophrenic style, Artful Dodger clothing is also known for its best selling denim collection, graphic shirts, and hoodies.


Artful Dodger clothing is known for its unique cuts, innovative designs and a rather unusual way of representing the brand to its target market. There is nothing basic about Artful Dodger clothing, everything features eye-catching designs and edgy, rebellious vibe yet stylish.

Artful Dodger at

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