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Brand History

Apliiq is an LA clothing brand established in 2008 by Ethan Lipsitz. Ethan is a lover of all things handcrafted and customized. There’s just something about the quality and overall feel of products made by hand. With Apliiq clothing, Ethan merges his love for designing and his penchant for all things DIY. What makes Apliiq different from other clothing brands is that Ethan gives customers complete control over how they want their shirts to look like in the end.

That’s right, folk. Apliiq lets you design your own shirt. The brand aims to create classic garments with standout prints from its own archive of graphics. Apliiq’s unique approach to streetwear made it one of the most popular streetwear labels in its native LA. Offering standout prints, luxury fabrics and classic fit, Apliiq clothing is available in selected stores including online at Karmaloop.com. 

Founded on Fabric, Designed by You, Handmade By Apliiq

The brand’s slogan, “Founded on Fabric, Designed by You, Handmade By Apliiq” sums up exactly what the brand is all about. For once, a brand that really takes out the artist in you! Ethan is obsessed over finding the best materials money can buy. In fact, he made it his personal mission to bring only the best fabrics on the table.

“The Apliiq process gives attention to fabrics in a subtle yet eye catching way. Think about your dad’s classic Hawaiian shirt, which is made entirely of some wild print… the detailed beauty of the pattern, can get lost in the abyss of repeating hibiscus. Apliiq on the other hand, applies a small patch of fabric to a garment, making it stand out and creating the chance to really appreciate the details. The fabric becomes a piece of art that’s framed by the shirt or hoody. Instantly, your clothing becomes a conversation starter, the pattern speaks for itself and the “brand” becomes secondary.”

Built on the concept of delivering quality garments through premium fabrics, Apliiq offers more than just shirts, the brand is proud of its extensive patches. The patches are cut and sewn especially for a user-generated design

Apliiq Shirts at Karmaloop.com

For awesome shirts with a strong DIY attitude, it has to be Apliiq clothing. Shop for Apliiq shirts at karmaloop.com to get the first dibs on their newest collection. You can also get awesome discounts from selected streetwear labels over at karmaloop.com by using our coupon codes before you check out!

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