Amongst Friends

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Brand History

Established in New York by celebrated designer, Mikol Stambaugh in 2007 is Amongst Friends clothing. Amongst Friends is a fun mix of classic and contemporary apparel for men, combining the edginess of streetwear and the preppy style of classic menswear! Mikol created Amongst Friends right after serving as brand manager for King Stampede clothing.

For Mikol, Amongst Friends is a personal venture, a chance to show off his passion for the craft. He meticulously develops designs that will please both classic and modern tastes. Mikol’s extensive knowledge in premium quality garments served the brand well and his relentless pursuit of excellence is what propelled the brand to becoming the hottest label in the Big Apple and beyond. Amongst Friends clothing is available in major retailers including online at

A Merging of Contrasting Fashion

Fashion is the ultimate expression of one’s self and no other label took this to heart than Amongst Friends clothing. Offering the timeless elegance and clean shapes of classic menswear and the edgy, modern aesthetics of streetwear, Mikol has expertly merged two contrasting fashion, developing an amazing array of garments that will cater to all tastes. The idea behind the classic structures and fit of Amongst Friends clothing is of all things, vintage gold wear. The brand offers a growing selection of basic wear, Oxford shirts and graphic shirts as well as lifestyle gears like caps and backpacks for men.

Amongst Friends clothing at

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