American Needle Classic Headwear for Men

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American NeedleBrand History

Founded in 1918 initially as an importer of sewing needles, American Needle headwear has transformed into a headwear brand and well-loved for its awesome collection of baseball caps, tennis and golf hats. The brand stays true to its core business of providing premium quality hats, featuring excellent craftsmanship, leadership and celebrating individuality and heritage.

Classic and Contemporary Headwear

Hats and caps are a reflection of individual personalities and American Needle headwear understands that there is a need to keep it stylish yet well-built and tough. American Needle headwear has been headstrong in the pursuit of trendy and premium quality headwear 100 years in the running.

American Needle headwear boasts of various styles perfect for established professionals, yuppies, or young students who want to complete their look. The company has licenses for major sports leagues and entertainment properties, which constitute over 30 headwear design patents and is centered on specialized style like embroidery, sublimation, woven labels, and integration of unique materials to provide first-rate sports headwear.

American Needle Today

Being a third generation family business venture, American Needle currently enjoys its supremacy over its competitors in the headwear market. The brand has continuously produced outstanding headwear of which long time customers find timeless yet trendy. Headwear enthusiasts all over the world have American Needle of top of their lists.

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