Alternative Apparel

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Brand History

Alternative Apparel is an American streetwear brand founded in 1995 with the sole aim to add a little bit of fun in everyday, urban apparel. Specializing in quality casual basics, handcrafted vintage tees, the brand is committed in providing comfort, craftsmanship, authenticity and a sense of community to all fashion-conscious individuals across the globe. What’s more, Alternative Apparel goes beyond style by inspiring people to utilize alternative ways to make positive changes in our society and empower the people.

As an internationally recognized company, Alternative Apparel remains looking inwards, outwards and beyond. The brand spreads awareness and encourages others to be a person who can make positive changes happen in their own community.

Butter Soft, Vintage-sque Tees

Alternative Apparel may offer a diverse selection of streetwear but the star of the show will remain their super soft vintage-inspired tees. Made with cotton-candy soft fabric, each shirt undergoes special treatments that results in one of a kind wash that really highlights its old school, retro vibe. Alternative Apparel is all about looking good without sacrificing comfort. Because really, why choose between style and comfort when you can have both?

Alternative Earth: Eco-Friendly Apparel

And just when you thought Alternative Apparel couldn’t get even more awesome, they developed a new breed of apparel that promotes eco-friendly and socially-responsible practices. In 2007, Alternative Apparel introduced their Alternative Earth clothing line. All garments from the Alternative Earth line are made with environmentally-friendly materials, including organic cotton, recycled polyester and synthetic fibers derived from sustainable raw materials such as rayon. What’s more, the brand donates a portion of the proceeds to various environmental organizations and selected charities across the globe. You just can’t beat that.

Alternative Apparel 2013 Spring Collection

Okay Alternative Apparel fans, listen up! Alternative Apparel rolls out the latest from their collection so expect new spring colored tees, loads of prints and super soft garments for both men and women’s collection!
First off, the handcrafted, vintage shirts we all know and love! Keep an eye on a slew of new designs in the season’s hottest colors. The shirts are emblazoned with detailed designs, distinct washes and overall amazing softness. You excited yet?
Oh we’re not done! The men’s collection is all about eye-catching designs. The shirts come in bright, bold colors, stripes, classic camo as well as toned down solid colored polo-shirts. For the ladies, loads of form-fitting tees, tank tops and raglan shirts are available too! It’s one heck of a collection, let me tell ya so don’t miss it!

Alternative Apparel at

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