All About Magic Luck Friendship with FriendsWithYou clothing

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

FriendsWithYou Brand History

Founded in 2002 by two Miami-based artists, Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, FriendsWithYou clothing celebrates love with its message of Magic • Luck • Friendship through a series of fun, funky and totally cute apparel for women.


The inspiration behind FriendsWithYou clothing’s distinct designs is the essence of Magic • Luck • Friendship. Through collaborative efforts between the two co-founders, FriendsWithYou clothing goes beyond fashionable clothes and branched out to other creative endeavors like sculptures, multi-media projects, performances, paintings, published works and installations that features all the cute FriendsWithYou clothing characters. All these creative projects consistently go with the brand’s main theme, serving as a channel to spread the principle of the brand.


Known for its adorable, playful apparel designs, the brand started out as a small sewing project and following its success, transformed into a full-fledged creative brand that sells anything from premium toys, clothing, art prints and publications, accessories, stationeries, multi-media products, accessories, furniture, home décor, indoor and outdoor activity pieces.

FriendsWithYou clothing has been continuously spreading its culture worldwide through its clothing line, funky characters, and universal love. The brand comes up with the freshest ideas due to tireless collaborations with the brightest, multi-faceted artists in the contemporary arts community.

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