Alex and Chloe Accessories Statement Jewelry for Men and Women

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Founded in 2004, Alex and Chloe accessories base their jewelry designs on all things innovative and natural. In fact, the brand’s first collection, Shadow and Light, come in various colored materials like translucent acrylics, precious metals and all natural materials.

Shadow and Light f a testament for the designers’ love for minimalistic pieces, unusual concepts and a little sense of humor. What makes Alex and Chloe accessories unique is that beyond the eye-catching designs and vibrant colors, each piece is wearable, adding spice to any ensemble no matter if you are dressed up or down.


Alex and Chloe accessories exemplify edgy, yet modern style in accessory making. This Los Angeles-based company draws inspiration from nature as well as gothic designs. From its latest collection, Alex and Chloe accessories presented studded crosses, notched bullets, angel earrings and lots of studs made with gold, silver and antiqued brass.

Co-founders and designers, Alex and Chloe  remained true to their minimalist approach to accessory making with geometric shapes and couture concepts with distinct shape. From simply creating accessories, the brand has now expanded to men and women’s clothing as well as footwear.

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