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AIAIAI Audio ProductsBrand History

AIAIAI headphones is a Copenhagen-based audio equipment brand that exemplify the words “Form Follows Fun”.  Geared towards younger, trendy individuals who appreciate high quality sound without the unnecessary flashy designs. AIAIAI headphones feature minimalistic designs, simple yet packs a wallop, AIAIAI headphones provide unparalleled audio that sets it apart from others.

The brand started out with street/fashion phones and IEMs but its quality is superior to other headphone products like SkullCandy or WESC toys. AIAIAI headphones has been manufacturing high quality audio goods like DJ and earbuds type headphones since it launched in 2005 in Denmark.


AIAIAI headphones are known for their no-nonsense approach to audio products. The brand has hired the best audio engineers and designers to create a fun yet functional products that not only looks good but offers something all audiophile expect, high fidelity sound quality. The brand worked with different designers and engineers including Records, Mannhandle, Bruel & Kjær, Kilo Design, KiBiSi and Teenage Engineering to continuously come up with the most high tech audio products.

AIAIAI headphones and earbuds are packed with the latest technology and are available in various colors as well. Earbuds and headphones made from the brand lists comfort and quality high on its priority so expect nothing but the best I audio experience with AIAIAI headphones.

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