Again Clothing Timeless Yet Fresh Designs

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

AgainBrand History

Again is a California-based clothing company aimed at younger women with their funky, edgy pieces. Again designer Amber Kekich-Purling established clothing in 2010. Reinventing edgy glamour yet featuring clean silhouettes, Again clothing specializes in classic pieces with contemporary twists. The brand sources clothing that truly reflect the true style of all types of women. From their past to their present, Again clothing offer a mix of fabrics, concepts, and details for the modern woman.


What makes Again clothing different? Although fashion trends come and go, Again clothing puts a spin to classic styles by adapting modern concepts and details to keep their line fresh. Iconic pieces are revamped transforming their shapes into stylish, wearable apparel with unique style that transgresses the past to the present.

Head designer and Again clothing founder Kekich-Purling also turns her fantasy into reality into her apparel line. With a steady mix of inspiration from what’s trendy as well as through blogging and photography, Again clothing features a mix of effortlessly chic women’s wear.

Again clothing at

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