Aerial 7 Headphones Hi Fidelity Sound Quality Guaranteed

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

Aerial 7 Brand History

Founded in 2008 by three friends who have a shared passion for one-of-a-kind products despite contrasting interests, Aerial 7 headphones features designs that integrates the founders collective love for street culture, music, the arts and fashion. This Los Angeles-based brand specializes in stylish headphones that not only looks good but also delivers powerhouse performance.

Style Meets Function

Aerial 7 headphones is packed with awesome features and delivers high fidelity audio quality. From being a little known brand, Aerial 7 headphones have turned to a breakout success for expertly integrating style and performance in one sexy package. Aerial 7 headphones are made with unique finishes, concepts and style that turns the headphones into quite the fashion accessory. Who knew you can be fashionable while enjoying your favorite tunes?

Aerial 7 headphones’ creative team are constantly working with different ambassadors across the world to produce the best products that revolutionizes the headphones industry. Aerial 7 headphones are available in earbud and DJ type headphones. Lightweight, compact and great fit, expect optimum comfort for extended listening. Aerial 7 headphones are expertly engineered to provide high quality audio and compatible with most MP3 players, mobile phones and other music devices. Aerial 7 headphones is available in selected stores in over 60 countries and online retailers.

Aerial 7 at

Fashion meets performance, why not? Aerial 7 headphones are now available for the taking at with Karmaloop Rep codes! Shop for the best headphones that fits your needs and preference only at Karmaloop.

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