80Percent 20 Shoes Fine Womens Footwear

by Karmaloop Rep Codes

80Percent 20 Brand History

What’s a girl without her beloved shoes? 80%20 shoes satisfies your cravings for hot, flirty shoes without the premium price. Whether you are looking for a prim pair of pumps to sexy, strappy stilettos, you are bound to find the right pair of shoes with 80%20 shoes. 80%20 shoes was founded by shoe designer and “Invisible wedge” creator, CeCe Chin, with comfort and style in mind.


The brand is inspired by the idea that women wear 20% of their wardrobe and 80% shoes at all time. 80%20 shoes are made for modern women who set the trend, not following them. Effortless chic with a dash of playfulness, 80%20 shoes will give you the confidence in every step. 80%20 shoes embodies your own personal style, your aspirations.


Featuring high quality materials and unmatched craftsmanship, 80%20 shoes offers a wide array of fine women’s shoes. Made to symbolize the kind of lifestyle that you lead, 80%20 shoes is the perfect companion to pursue your passions, to conquer every adventure. You can bet, 80%20 shoes is all you ever need to get to where life takes you.

80%20 Shoes at Karmaloop.com

Welcome the new year with a snazzy pair of heels from 80%20 shoes! Karmaloop.com’s style experts have handpicked some of the best designs from 80%20 shoes’ newest collection! Perfect for work or for play, 80%20 shoes are now available at affordable prices online via Karmaloop.com so don’t miss out on this awesome offer and start shopping today with Karmaloop Rep Codes!

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