Returns FAQ

How do I exchange or return an item?

To exchange/return any items at, create a Return Authorization (RMA) Number by visiting to:
All returned items must come complete with a return label on the package and a RMA number. Items with no RMA number will not be accepted for exchange or return.

Will I pay the shipping cost for the returned item?

Yes, you will pay for the shipping cost to return the item back to us. However, the exchanged item will be sent to you free of shipping cost.

Will the item be held for me if I sent a request for an exchange?

Yes, the item you want to exchange it with will be put on hold. However, while we will do what we can to assure the availability of the item for you, we cannot fully guarantee that our warehouse will hold your item. Therefore, it is best to set up an exchange for a certain item as soon as possible.

How can I check my return status?

To check the return status of your order, we will notify you via email once the returned item arrived to our warehouse.

Note that you will receive a second notification within 7 days to update you on the return/exchange process. For more information regarding your returned item, you may call our customer service hotline.

How long will the item return be processed?

As soon as we received the returned items, we will process the exchange. Allow at least 7 business days to complete the process.

Do I get a refund for a returned item?

Yes, we will give refunds for returned items but only if your return request made it within the 14 days period of the original order.

On sale items are not eligible for refunds.

Can I return a pair of shoes?

Yes, but only if the shoes you received are defective and has not been worn.

Any returned footwear with visible wear and tear and is not defective cannot be returned.

Returned footwear must come with its original box.

We will not accept returned shoes with damaged box or box used as packaging.

Can I return bathing suits or underwear?

No. We will not accept returned bikinis or underwear unless they unopened or the packaging is intact.