Promotion/Gift Code FAQ

What kind of codes does offer? offer different types of codes to our customers.

What are Promo Codes?

Promo codes are codes Karmaloop offer to customers for special discounts, events, etc. These codes are posted under “Promo Code” on the checkout page.

What are Gift Codes?

Gift codes are offered exclusively to Karmaloop customers. Customers will receive fabulous Karmaloop gifts by checking the gift code under “Promo code” on the checkout out page.

What are Gift Certificates?

Gift certificates are codes that can be purchased by customers and use as gifts. To use the gift certificate, enter the code in the box marked “Gift Certificates” before checking out.

What are Store Credit Codes?

Store credit codes are codes reserved for returned items. To use the codes as store credit, type in the code in the box marked “Gift Certificates” on the checkout page.

What are Rep Codes?

Rep codes are part of the Karmaloop Rep Program. To use the Rep code, key in the code in the bopx labeled “Rep Code” before checking out. For more information about the Karmaloop Rep Program, please go to our REP FAQ.

Please note that the Promo Codes do not apply on the following brands:

  • Kazbah
  • Nixon
  • Burton
  • 10 Deep
  • Nooka
  • G-Shock
  • Play Clothes
  • Jeffery Campbell

Reminder: Some restrictions apply where noted.

Can I use multiple promotional codes in one order?

No. Each promo code is only good for a single order

Promo codes and gift codes cannot be used together with % off or free shipping you may have received somewhere else.

Can I use gift certificates or coupon codes to purchase Kazbah products?

No, you cannot use gift certificates and coupon codes for Kazbah products. Promo codes are only accepted at

How do I order Gift Certificates?

To use a Gift Certificate when ordering, click “Gift Certificate” under the Lifestyle” drop-down section of the main menu.

Next, type in the recipient’s personal information including the gift certificate amount you want to purchase. Once your order has been submitted, you and if requested, your recipient, will receive the gift code with instructions on how to redeem the certificate through email.

I received a Gift Certificate, how do I use it?

Once you received a gift certificate, go to and shop around.

When done shopping, key in the gift certificate code in the designated box before checking out. After submitting, you will receive your gift certificate through email with important information included in the notification. On the other hand, if you received a printed gift certificate, the code is written on the certificate by the donor.

Note that gift certificates cannot be returned for a cash refund or exchanged for cash.

If your order exceeded the gift certificate amount, you will have to pay the balance using your credit card, check or via PayPal or money order.