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Introducing Karmaloop.com's Sister Site Plndr.com

What exactly is PLNDR?

Plndr is an very exclusive membership site that offers up to 80% savings to its members only website.

Get your favorite tees, bottoms, sneakers and accessories at PLNDR -- an exclusive members-only streetwear boutique brought to you by Karmaloop.

PLNDR offers concrete aficionados up to 80% discount on every purchase. For maximum savings, use a PLNDR coupon code, PLNDR rep code, or PLNDR promo code, or any two-code combination when placing an order. The PLNDR rep code UNLOCK gives you an extra 1% off on top of your promo code discount.

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PLNDR.com (pronounced "plunder") is an exclusive members-only flash sale online boutique. Owned by retail giant Karmaloop, PLNDR hosts limited-time sales (often between 48 and 72 hours) of up to 80% off on the best streetwear brands.

The PLNDR story

PLNDR debuted in May 2010, starting out "as a way to jack the age-old 'survival of the fittest' strategy and apply it to the hottest brands in the streetwear game." According to legend, PLNDR was inspired by the "pirates, marauders, outlaws, Vikings and bad asses of all walks of life that scoured the earth and the oceans for new loot," only PLNDR.com shared its treasure of sneakers, apparel, and accessories instead of keeping them. The PLNDR buying team has gained all the necessary sourcing experience from Karmaloop in order to build relationships across the marketplace. Partnering with the best brands in premium streetwear has allowed PLNDR to secure deals at a super low cost and eventually flip them for virtually nothing. PLNDR is the fastest-growing portal in the Karmaloop family with 2.5 million visitors per month. More than 400 brands are now featured, including top-sellers such as 10 Deep, Crooks & Castles, Elwood, HUF, Fly Society, Obey, WeSC, Motel Rocks, Rocksmith, Married to The Mob, and Wutang. PLNDR has a current membership of more than 1 million, raking in over $16 million in revenue in its first year. PLNDR introduces new sale events early and often to keep its customers excited. In addition to offering killer products at insanely low prices, PLNDR makes it a priority to reward its members with massive savings, cool gifts, and even free shopping money. PLNDR prices are so low that shopping is always a steal. No wonder PLNDR calls itself legal theft.

How PLNDR works

PLNDR offers around 10 clothing brands at a time, for a length of about 3-5 days. Once the clock hits zero, a fresh batch of new brands are featured at the store. The insane prices at PLNDR have led to quite a few questions on authenticity. We know for sure that PLNDR does not sell knockoffs or used clothing. Every item is shipped brand new, complete with tags and the original brand packaging. PLNDR sells the exact same items featured on Karmaloop but sales are limited time and sell out fast. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Karmaloop, one of the biggest and most trusted online sellers of premium streetwear, PLNDR is definitely legit. Its unique partnerships with popular brands enable the site to sell for so cheap. Walking into a store, Karmaloop is akin to the main display while PLNDR is the clearance aisle. You'll be able to find a select line of clothes that are heavily discounted, with marked down prices only valid for a couple of days or hours. Since PLNDR is members-only, you will have to sign up to join. You can enter your email address or login using your Facebook account. After you register, you can use our PLNDR rep code and save 10% off every purchase – no minimum, no expiration date. After placing your first order, you will also receive a $10 store credit which you can use on your next order.

PLNDR flash deals

There are many types of deals offered at PLNDR.com. The most popular discounts are those that apply store-wide. A quick visit to PLNDR and you will see some awesome offers. Some PLNDR promos cover a specific product category. This is a great way to shop if you are looking for a particular type of shoe, article of clothing, or fashion accessory. Check out these awesome deals today! Even if you're simply browsing and not really looking to buy something in particular, you can stumble on great finds from PLNDR special bins. We were able to spot some really good bargains from these sale sections like: Save up to 86% on Women's Bargain Bin Casual Friday Tuesday's Top Sellers Sunday Night Select

PLNDR referral gift

When you invite your friends to join PLNDR, you could get an extra $10 for you and $10 for your friend. You can send up to 100 invites at a time. Any new member you refer who makes a purchase earns you instant $10.

PLNDR coupon codes

Anything you buy at PLNDR would be a steal with its super low prices. But we can help you do more than that. We will let you plunder! Our PLNDR coupon codes and rep codes offer additional discounts that could turn your purchases into freebies. For maximum savings, use a PLNDR coupon code, PLNDR rep code, PLNDR promo code, or any two-code combination when placing an order. The PLNDR rep code takes out another 1% from your total bill. The best brands in streetwear and urban lifestyle are up for grabs at PLNDR.com. Sign up now to enjoy the biggest discounts on your favorite apparel, footwear, and accessories. Add our link to your browser bookmarks so you can easily access our latest promo codes. You can also like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the newest codes refreshed hourly and daily.