Lakai Footwear: The Shoes We Skate

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Lakai is skateboarding first, fashion second. Founded by professional skateboarders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, Lakai Footwear is part of the Crailtap Distribution family which includes Girl Skateboards, Fourstar Clothing,, Royal Skateboard Trucks, Ruby Republic, Skate Mental, and Chocolate Skateboards.

Brand history

Rick Howard is one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. He pioneered switch stance skating in the Plan B film, Virtual Reality. Howard has skated for Blockhead Skateboards, Gullwing Trucks, Plan B Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and DC Shoes.

A legend of the world-famous Embarcadero skate spot in San Francisco, Mike Carroll is known for his technical street skating skills. He was named Skater of the Year by Thrasher magazine in 1994 and featured in EA’s video games Skate, Skate 2, and Skate 3. Carroll has skated for H-Street, Plan B Skateboards, DC Shoes, and Vans.

Carroll and Howard joined forces in 1993 to start a skateboard company that made products for their team. That company became Girl Skateboards.

In 1999, Howard and Carroll created Lakai Footwear with the same dedication and pride they have always invested into their Girl/Chocolate skateboarding brands.

Today, Team Lakai is composed of professional, amateur, and flow riders, including Marc Johnson, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Guy Mariano, Jesus Fernandez, JB Gillet, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Rob Welsh, Brandon Biebel, Vincent Alvarez, Mike Mo Capaldi, Eric Koston, Riley Hawk, Daniel Espinoza, Raven Tershy, Josh Harris, Nick Matthews, Trent Mcclung, and Sebo Walker.

Lakai shoe styles

The predominant design ideal of Lakai Footwear focuses on skateboard function. Fashion follows a close second, and you can see this influence in the Carter model. The Carter has a flexible vulcanized sole with a suede and leather upper. Detailed brass eyelets give the shoe a classy look while keeping it extremely functional for your board.

The Pico is one of the new favorites in the Lakai line. Its suede upper gives it a longer lifespan than canvas, while its vulcanized sole provides better board feel. The Pico is laced with a full-length shock absorbing insole to protect the heel from bruises.

The new Lakai XLK cupsole was introduced in the 2012 collection. The Belmont is one of the classic models that have undergone reconstruction, replacing the vulcanized sole with the new flexible performance engineered cupsole in the Brady Belmont XLK version. The Brady Belmont XLK features a herringbone tread pattern and lightweight molded EVA footbed. The durable suede upper has been tested and approved by Danny Brady himself to ensure that this shoe will live up to pro standards.

The Carlo is one of the more popular team shoes that has been approved and tested by the entire Lakai team. This season, the Carlo is going back to the dressier look so you can confidently wear it outside the park.

Lakai at

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